Raymond just got done jumping at Super Bounce Trampoline Center. The total cost of his session was \$43.25$43.25dollar sign, 43, point, 25. He had to pay a \$7$7dollar sign, 7 entrance fee and \$1.25$1.25dollar sign, 1, point, 25 for every minute he was on the trampoline.Write an equation to determine the number of minutes (t)(t)left parenthesis, t, right parenthesis that Raymond was on the trampoline.

Accepted Solution

Answer:29 minutesStep-by-step explanation:Given[tex]Total = \$43.25[/tex][tex]Entrance\ Fee = \$7[/tex][tex]Per\ Minute = \$1.25[/tex]RequiredDetermine the number of minutes (t) that he was on the trampoline.This can be expressed as:[tex]Total\ Payment = Entrance\ Fee + Amount\ per\ minute * t[/tex]Where t represents the number of minutesSubstitute values for Total, Entrance Fee and Amount per minute[tex]43.25 = 7 + 1.25 * t[/tex][tex]43.25 = 7 + 1.25t[/tex]Solving further to get the value of t, we have:[tex]1.25t = 43.25 - 7[/tex][tex]1.25t = 36.25[/tex][tex]t = 36.25/1.25[/tex][tex]t = 29[/tex]